A scam on Westminster Bridge – BBC London

An age-old trick that looks harmless is being used to scam tourists on Westminster Bridge.

The game involving balls and cups is believed to have caused hundreds of pounds to be lost from players passing by.

Scammers are standing in the crowds ‘playing’ the game and then winning all of the profit from the money the general public are putting in.

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21 thoughts on “A scam on Westminster Bridge – BBC London”

  1. first world news right here bbc saying scam thats rich coming from you. maybe is a scam but if people choose to play along its thier fault in all honesty. if gambling on the bridge is illegal then surely everyone spending money on it is commiting a crime too. its been going on for years and people fall for it just like they fall for propaganda mainstream media. biased bull corp.

  2. Its happening near every busy area were there easily hide themselves from police… more at east ham near bus stops

  3. The irony is that they're doing this RIGHT outside the houses of parliament.. I see every time I go to London and police even walk idolly past them. Disgusting stuff

  4. OK it might be a "scam" but it's not serious and if you are naive enough to fall for it its your fault. They should be allowed to do it.

  5. Ive seen this scam happen before on Westminster bridge its crazy how people can fall for it. At the same time my 6year old friend got approached by another lady on the bridge preaching to her and handing something out(i didnt quite see what it was because i grabbed my friends hand said thanks bye and we all walked off quickly)If you are a tourist in a city or popular destination please, please, please, stay safe, be cautious and get of your phones!!!!

  6. The law in england is so lenient and soft with people who scam people out of money they worked for so there is no deterrent… these scammers will continue and make london ugily

  7. I went to London the other day and you could literally see fake £50 notes and one of them would stand further away watching out for police and when the police came from 1 end they ran to the other for like the whole day

  8. Still going on. Today they were beside the Westminster Bridge underpass / steps. £50's handed over like candy!!

  9. It’s not a problem! people like to gamble, if you don’t want to play cup ball don’t, if you gota no money don’t play.

    What’s the difference between this and any bet you place in the bookies? Do you really think everything you can bet on is run legitimately?

    Stop picking on immigrants, these people need our support not disdain.

  10. Fcukers were on the bridge again today, was seriously tempted to life one of them up and dump them into the river


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