30 N64 Games Worth Playing

These are the 30 best N64 games that i own and i am sure there is at least one game for everyone on this list 🙂
These games where all recorded using an actual PAL N64 with the games that i own.
p.s I would have used Majora’s Mask on this list but i currently don’t own it 🙁

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I record using MSI Afterburner and use Adobe Premier Elements 11 for editing.

System Spec

MSI Radeon 7970
FX 8150 @ Stock with Turbo Core
kingston hyper x genesis 8gb 1600mhz
Sabertooth 990fx Rev 2.0
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Elite Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G9x

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20 thoughts on “30 N64 Games Worth Playing”

  1. Good on ya for including Hybrid Heaven in this list. Severely underrated game and anyone who has played it all the way through knows this!

  2. GoldenEye and Perfect Dark are borderline unplayable on their original consoles due to that shitty, sluggish control scheme. I get what they did for the industry but they aren’t really worth playing compared to even B tier shooters of the modern generation.

  3. I'll add 2 more games that are worthy to play but I remember only it is called, "Diakatana". The last one I can't remember but is about aliens and it really is a game worthy enough to he on the list.

  4. Well done sir. Love that music!!❤❤
    😎😎You've chosen this music wisely. I really enjoyed watching this 😎😎

  5. If you had friends, it was WCW vs NWO, killer instinct, GoldenEye, smash, and a few others. Always just went to PlayStation for single player games, except for like Zelda and Mario.


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