26. New Game Button – Build 2048 puzzle game in Unity 3D

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In this lecture we will make a New Game button functional, so that it will just restart our scene and this way a new game will be started for our player. I will also start creating the script called ScoreTracker.cs that will take care of storing player scores and showing them in the ScoreHUDs.

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2 thoughts on “26. New Game Button – Build 2048 puzzle game in Unity 3D”

  1. Been following this great tutorial as a new user,

    At this point Unity 5.5. the Application.LoadLevel is obsolete…

    had to use

    SceneManager.LoadScene ("MainScene");

    and include the using UnityEngine.SceneManagement; namespace at the top

  2. Wouldn't it be better for the New Game button to reset the tiles and score instead of reloading the level?


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