1UP-PiX Raspberry Pi pocket gameboy 2018

1UP-PiX super pocket gameboy, can play PS1, N64, fc, sfc, mame, fba, md, ps, gba, wsc, pce and other classic retro games, built-in raspberry pie 3B, 2.2-inch bright wide-angle LCD screen, 3000ma lithium battery Endurance 4 hours, one modular structure, plug and play, suitable for retro games, also suitable for DIY players enjoy the fun of the hand. External HDMI TV can be set up, and four standard USB ports are reserved, and multiple wireless usb handles, USB flash drives and other devices can be externally inserted. At home when the retro game console, out of the pocket arcade, fun games at any time retro.

1UP carefully designed, select IPS wide-angle screen, clear and bright colors. Select the conductive adhesive and silicone keys to adapt to the strength of the hand, do not tired for a long time, reliable, easy to replace parts. Pix is suitable for retro gamers and plays thousands of classic retros. PiX modular structure, streamlined design, easy DIY, easy for enthusiasts to assemble fun.

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16 thoughts on “1UP-PiX Raspberry Pi pocket gameboy 2018”

  1. I'm either gonna get this, the 6 button one or a game Stone. which should I get? I was all about the game shell until I found out how many emulators don't work on it…

  2. I received an email back from him, and I ordered a setup. About $114 USD for (what I think is) an assembled transparent console.

  3. Boss,
    Make demo video of this one too, please

  4. Im looking at contacting you to get one of these i have emailed you seeing as thats what someone else had suggested in the comments.


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