1up Pi Based Landscape Handheld, The LDK Nemesis ?

1up Pi Based Landscape Edition will this be the LDK Nemesis ?
Retro Pi Portable Emulation Retro Handheld, take all your games with you !

Where to find ?
1up Landscape Pi Handheld:

1up Game Boy 3.5inch Handheld:

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37 thoughts on “1up Pi Based Landscape Handheld, The LDK Nemesis ?”

  1. Did you ever get it to work on the tv. Please let me know. Ill buy that one. The first gameboy 1up is cool but dont like the the L1 and R1, rather on top

  2. Its no good super mario kart is very bad on it i was try to start a netplay sever on it it does not work my dad will put something on it like 10 gb or a prosesing chip or something i want to play crash bandicoot n sane trilogy and super mario advance on it two also roblox

  3. If it is similar to the Gamehat pi handheld than skip it. Crap buttons (2 of them stopped working within 3 days) and just unpractical.

  4. Wicked, all the problems that you said like the hdmi out has options to work. It really isn't user friendly but super customizable. The bezels can be removed and I bet the games would look phenomenal. They removed the contact with soft buttons for abxy. Very nice. I have wanted one of these for a while.

  5. Raspberrypi systems are very fun and very customizable.
    Think of this like a custom built PC. If you want to get more out of it, you will need to know more about it. If you DON'T want to learn about Pi I would not recommend one, but as far as a prebuilt this isnt bad.

  6. Pretty cool design! I honestly would prefer landscape instead of vertical because it's usually more comfortable.

  7. Hope you get it to work on the TV. Looks great but would use a controller to play it. Does not look comfortable to play for a long time.


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