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Hello Gameheads!
Today ill be taking a look at a Raspberry Pi Handheld i purchased simply called the 1up. Its essentially an enclosure style ‘gameboy’ handheld that you put a raspberry pi 3 or 3 b in. Overall design seems pretty soild but how does it hold up? Lets find out.


Game HAT:

Raspberry PI 3 B:

64 GB Micro SD :

Build Your own Pi HandHeld:

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38 thoughts on “1UP Handheld Raspberry Pi | PI Boy Handheld”

  1. I can’t get the Y button to work. Mapping it to a different button works, but mapping Y to Y results in no effect. So, for example, on super castlevania I cannot press Y to use the whip unless I map Y button to A B X L or R. Can anyone help?

  2. Most of my emulators have really bad screen tearing i just got mine yesterday trying to figure out if anyone has the same issue

  3. What is the best option for a DIY enclosed handheld to play N64 games? I built up a pi 3b based Wavehat but it doesn't have enough buttons to map the N64 C buttons.

  4. Nice music you got in the background. What music is it ?
    By the way what are the specs for this toy? CPU speed and screen resolution please. Thanks.

  5. I have this 1UP and think it’s awesome. I am trying to use it as a console. I plugged in the HDMI but had to switch the audio through the HDMI setting so the audio goes through my TV. I was able to configure an SNES style controller, and an wired XBOX controller. It was pretty easy however the only trouble I’m having is when I plug one of them into the side USB port it only recognizes them as player 2. The buttons on the 1UP itself is being recognized as player 1. If anyone knows how to set one of those USB ports as player 1 let me know.

  6. How do you change your retro pi image and will it delete the games and stuff already on it? Want to get it to the XMB UI.

  7. can you put other games on it? it doesnt have that many n64 games and i really want to play battletanx again haha

  8. That looks really cool, but its kind expensive considering there are non diy ones about the same price just as good

  9. Can we use a battery bank to power the unit / charge the internal battery? (that is incase we run out of juice on the go)

  10. I feel like I'm going to get flack for this but recently I got interested in getting one of these from GBZMods. He sells it for 250GBP and has been out of stock without getting back to me. For awhile I thought he was the sole creator but this device looks 100% identical. Does anyone know if there's a difference between these or is he just assembling them and selling at a markup?

  11. When I get a DIY kit will there any special files or configs necessary? Or is a fresh copy of RetroPie enough?

  12. I think it's going for way more now and they're not in stock :/ Guess I gotta learn how to build something now 🙂 Any suggested links/cases?

  13. I bought the gameboy advanced setup version for like 70 on aliexpress. Gotta put it together but if it's like this one then I'll be happy. I have the gamehat and I'd never consider it to be as good as this from what I've seen.

  14. Let’s see… $25 to manufacture, 3 bucks a unit to transport, plus forty percent markup is…. about $130 less than what they’re charging. I’d pay maybe 80 bucks tops for that case without the rpi

  15. Where in the world u found it at that price? Buying it right from their store is about 250 pounds! Which is insanely expensive


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