150K Special!: "Determination" Fan Game


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So, one thing, I didn’t have a file where I was already LV 20, SO I HAD TO KILL MY PRECIOUS BAG OF BONES….

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“Do you speak spanish? and where are you from?”
– Yes spanish is my native language I live in Chile, a country in southamerica, since most of the people that watch me speak english, I made my streams and animations in that language.

“What programm do you use to animate?”
– I use Macromedia Flash 8!

Nguồn: https://focuscampus.org/

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38 thoughts on “150K Special!: "Determination" Fan Game”

  1. Gameplay at: 31:13
    end at: 1:57:17
    Fun fact: the dubbed is with a different intro and also u can switch to voice on to off

  2. Camila: SO COOL!
    Sans meme: So cool, So cool So cool, SANS, WHAT ARE YOU- So cool So cool So cool, SANS- So cool- OH MY GOD SANS!

  3. So cool. But can we talk about how amazing Camila is doing in this fight! I mean, I can’t even kill Undyne in genocide, so this is amazing!

  4. Cami… There was a little thing that says "(psst… press x to bypass needing genocide)"
    Edit: Red decreases your max health

  5. I don't even do the genocide route just because I don't want to kill sans xD he's my fave either and it just hurts me cries


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