15 Amazing Original Games in Dreams

There’s already tonnes of original games being made inside of Dreams, so we’ve picked out 15 of our favourites for you to take a look at!

The Missing Constellation –

Prometheus FPS Demo –

Super Great Job, Human Demo –

Ruckus –

Southpaw Cooking –

Art Therapy –

The Offroad Lands –

Pip Gemwalker –

Blade Gunner –

The Pilgrim –

Kuro: A Shadow’s Dream –

Project Ikelos –

Dinorama –

Beyond the Nightmare –

SPHERICAL Demo Version –

Nguồn: https://focuscampus.org/

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36 thoughts on “15 Amazing Original Games in Dreams”

  1. Meh, this will probably go the way of Microsoft's project spark. A game that counts on other people spending a lot of time making things for free isn't going to be too popular for too long, when there are mostly unfinished projects and demos.

  2. Wow these games are amazing 😳 Im really inspired to making my own but I dont even know how these are made 😅 I want to make something simple first but i dont know where to start 😓

  3. If Sony markets this more, they could get loads of sales of this, win tons of accolades also for this and be an all-round groundbreaking game.

  4. Dreams is a great format for developers to spot new and up coming talent, this could be the begining of something amazing.

  5. Wow! I'm really considering buying this, but am wondering if multiple people can work on a dream at the same time? I would love for my girlfriend and I to build one together.


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