101 Dalmatians – Escape from DeVil Manor [Longplay]

101 Dalmatians (c) Disney, based upon the work of Dodie Smith. Game (c) Disney Interactive and Dreamforge Entertainment. All properties are the trademarks of their respective owners. I own only this piece of footage.

Released in 1997 to coincide with the Live Action 101 Dalmatians film, Escape from DeVil Manor is a (rather short) puzzle mystery in which you play as Patches, a pup determined to escape from DeVil Manor before he ends up skinned for Cruella DeVil’s next big plan: A dalmatian skin coat. Aided by one of Pongo and Perdita’s pups, Wizzer, this intrepid pup is in for the adventure of a lifetime…so long as he can avoid being thrown into the game room first!

Oh, the story of hardship to get /this/ game to work. I tried Dosbox, I tried VMWare (ACROSS THREE DIFFERENT OS VERSIONS), I tried everything short of partitioning my harddrive and dual booting. The problem with games released for 16 bit hardware? 64bit computers can’t run them. So, to save people the trouble I went through, I recorded my gameplay! Pardon the cursor in the middle; my software has no way to hide the cursor and Fraps wouldn’t work.

Of course, if you’d rather play yourself…:3 Well. The game’s old enough that I don’t feel bad pointing you in the right direction.

I believe I got everything the game offers, though I’m also pretty sure I messed up pranking Horace in the kitchen. That said, a second video will follow; there is actually more than one ending to this game! Which, considering it wasn’t one of the Myst-type games of the late nineties, is actually pretty surprising.

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