10 Underrated N64 Games

Nintendo fans, unite!►

The Nintendo 64 library was small, but that didn’t stop some awesome games from falling of players’ radars. Here are my favorite N64 games that often go overlooked!

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32 thoughts on “10 Underrated N64 Games”

  1. Fighting force on the n64 was underrated. Not only was it the only real beat em up for the n64 but it had better graphics than the other ports and it had 4 player support which for a beat em up was almost unheard of.

  2. Glad you mentioned Beetle Adventure Racing. I think it might be my favorite racing game. It is a great racer, but then there's also tons of hidden shortcuts and bonuses to pickup too.

  3. Body Harvest is an all-time great!
    Space Station Silicon Valley, Blast Corps, Hybrid Heaven, and Beetle Adventure Racing were all bread-and-butter titles for me. Loved them all. You missed a great one in WinBack (it counts because it was exclusive for 2 years), and I also thought Fighter’s Destiny was pretty cool, though not on the same level. All-Star Baseball 99 and 2000 were super fun (but I’m a baseball player, so maybe I’m biased), and along those lines, Waialae Country Club: True Golf Classics was the focal point of some HEATED rivalry among my friends and me.

  4. These games are Graphicly ahead of their time some of them great video my best console of all time greetings from Macedonian in Australia

  5. A lot of the games you showed look really good,fun and i right want to try them out and the whole video is really good and the way you get from game to game is very good 👍

  6. Mine:

    1. Mystical Ninja
    2. Iggy’s Wrecking Balls
    3. Silicon Valley
    4. Bomberman
    5. Doom 64
    6. Duck Dodgers
    7. Snowboard Kids
    8. Fighter’s Destiny
    9. South Park
    10. Buck Bumble

  7. I have a lot of hours playing Beetle Adventure Racing ..I am not really a Volkswagen fan , but that was an awesome game

  8. When I think of Rare and N64 I think of Diddy Kong Racing. I only had 3 games for the N64 for a while: Golden Eye, Tiger Woods Golf, and DKR. I played DKR so much the cartridge has issues starting the game. Once you get it going it works great.

  9. Blast Corps, Mischief makers, Chameleon Twist and Beetle adventure racing was my jam!
    Weirdly enough my dad bought them trying to avoid the popular stuff of the time because he wanted to save some $$
    But darn my brother and I loved these titles so much!!

    Also, is there a reason Buck-Bumble was not on this list?

  10. I loved the Chameleon Twist games and the Goemon games as a kid. Super nostalgic games for me. I love the charm and aesthetic of chameleon twist feeling super cartoonish and fun!

  11. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon is not only an underrated gem, but also the BEST N64 game ever that wasn’t made by Nintendo or Rare. Close second would be Mischief Makers.

  12. Back in the day , this N64 thing was the poor guy's ps1, if you could afford a ps1, you shouldn't waste your money on 64, or at least that's what I witnessed.


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