10 Flips Anyone Can Learn – Flip Progressions

Learn 10 easy flips to progress into more advanced flips.
10 Way To Jump down any wall or building:
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1. Cart Wheel
2. Front Hand Spring
3. Macaco
4. Butterfly kick
5. Dive Roll
6. J Step Kick
7. Wall Kick Over
8. Barrel Roll
9. Bar Kick Over
10. Bar Lever Tuck

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44 thoughts on “10 Flips Anyone Can Learn – Flip Progressions”

  1. My feet hurt after my practice i know how to front flip and backflip and ima do a parkour in my country and no one is in my country doing parkour its only me

  2. Is it just me who is watching this and really wants to learn the tricks and then realizes that I’m probably never gonna try?

  3. Awesome.
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  4. Here in Philippines we practice it in the sea with a boat for we to step in and jump to the water doing back flip :))

  5. I learned backflip recently and when this quarantines over I will go to school and do a backflip in the math lesson lol


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